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Shenzhen Hot Display Technology co;Ltd

lcd Module128*64D-Email:meihong@hotlcd.com

Audio & Video Appliances
lcd  Module128*64D-Email:meihong@hotlcd.com


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Audio & Video Appliances  -  LED Display

Offer Post Time: 2019-09-19

Serial Code: HOT

Model: HTM12864-23

Size: 54*50

Carriage: henzhen


Minimum Order Quantity: Unknown

Price: 0.00 RMB

 Products can be equipped with black and white backlit display, blue letters on white, black white, black yellow letters, black background with blue characters, blue white, blue black, green, black bottom, black on yellow, orange bottom Black, two-color, tri-color, multicolor, support serial and parallel. COG LCD existing 32,128 * 48,128 * 128 * 64,132 * 64,128 * 128,160 * 160,240 * 160,320 * 240 and so on. Widely used in communications equipment, automotive electronics, household appliances, instruments, financial products, tax control, consumer digital products, and other display products. We undertake all kinds of LCD, LCM development and design, custom mold (dot matrix, dot matrix characters, Segment screen), MCU development and processing. "Not the best! only better!"is our business philosophy; "price, timely delivery, quality assurance, service "is the principle of our sales; "and seek common development and achieve win-win " is our common goal. Welcome friends choose our products, our dedication to provide you with first class service and technical support. Replacement product a month, three months warranty.