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Shenzhen Hot Display Technology co;Ltd

Graphic LCD Module medical appliances
LCD Module for Automotive product Car LCM ,GPS
7inch TFT LCD Resolution:800*480 pixels
Mono TFT LCD Module: HTM062A02
charging machine segment LCD Module HTM68368
finance device Graphic LCD Module COG240160
handset LCD Module COG128*128Dots
intelligence display LCD module HTM13264Z
2.8-inch TFT LCD Resolution: 320 X 240 pixels
TFT2.2inch LCD Module
Graphic LCD Module HTG12864-12
Gaphic LCD Module FSTN-,positive , and transflective COG Graphic LCD Module COG96*96Dots
High Quality Cog Module FSTN LCD Graphic LCD Module COG96*64Dots
240*128Dots Graphic STN-Bule / negative, and transmissive
Graphic LCD Module 12864
Skype phone Graphic lcd module 128*48Dots
5inch TFT LCD Resolution:800*480 pixels
4.3-inch TFT LCD Resolution: 480*272 pixels
3.5-inch TFT LCD screen Resolution: 320 X 240 pixels
Graphic LCD Module STN-12864
Graphic LCD Module 12864 Controller: ST7920
Mono TFT LCD Module : HTM057A02
Mono TFT LCD Module : HTM048A01Specification: 400x240
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